O’BH Associates L.L.C. was established in 1990 by Peter O’Brien and Gary P. Hogman, Sr. Our agency delivers results due to our extensive knowledge of the products we represent and the customers we serve. All O'BH team members are highly trained and qualified professionals. Our experience in this region over the past thirty years gives us a unique understanding of our customers needs.

In 1998, O’BH Associates L.L.C. was honored by Agency Sales Magazine for growth and selling excellence. O’BH continues to experience unparalleled growth in the breadth and quality of the manufacturers they represent.


The O'BH Difference

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O’BH adds value to our principals by selling to and servicing all of the major clients in our sales territory. We continue to develop programs with several of the "Top 100" manufacturers in our industry in the United States. The O’BH sales and support staff is directly connected to the decision makers at these firms.