Tecnotabla - NEW Sizes Available


Tecnotabla has added the following 3 new sizes to their product offering for sale in the United States!

  • 3/4"x61"x97"
  • 5/8"x49"x97"
  • 3/8"x49"x97"

These three sizes add to the already available 5 sizes that have established the Tecnotabla brand throughout the USA:

  • 3/4"x49"x97"
  • 11/16"x49"x97"
  • 1/2"x49"x97"
  • 1/4”x49"x97"
  • 5.5MMx49"x97"

Tecnotabla is a North American manufacturer of advanced MDF panels, using 100% sustainable raw materials from their own renewable forest plantations, with state of the art technology and a focus on product innovation. Internal control of wood fiber supply allows Tecnotabla to provide the market with the highest quality MDF available.